Advertising Effectiveness

Client Organization

A recognized international hand tool manufacturer was especially well recognized for one product, but offered a large assortment of tools. End users appreciated the quality and were interested in other products, but getting retailers to add additional skus was an ongoing problem.

Client Objective

The objective was to find a way to expand the number of skus carried by the resellers of the product.

          Create awareness and demand for a broader assortment of products.

          Increase the number of skus carried by distributors and resellers.

          Encourage distributors and resellers to promote more of our products.

What was done?

The company had a long history of advertising in the screw driver books (Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Handyman, etc.). The other area where the company advertised was in publications serving the distributors in the channel of distribution.    Channellock Racing

The advertising program was totally reworked to move from trade advertising to end user advertising and from print to broadcast and NASCAR sponsorship. In addition the project was moved from an agency to in house. The cost per thousand went down, commissions on buys were turned into additional buys and the reach and frequency were increased.


Resellers took notice of the increased visibility the company was providing to the brand and to the broader assortment of products. As a result of the effort, sales of the core product increased as did the placement of more products in the channel of distribution. The move differentiated the company and the products from those of the competition and was in part responsible for a 60% increase in unit sales.

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