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Things that go together

 Congruency is about things that go together like fish and chips, pencil and pad or  baseball and glove. Very few of us would order fish and sauerkraut. We wouldn’t grab our golf club and a football. Can you even imagine someone grabbing a pencil and a laser printer to make notes in a class. We all recognize things that go together and things that just don’t make sense together.

When things go together it is easy to accept them. When things don’t go well together it is much harder to accept those combinations. Congruency, or the harmony of the parts is critical to great marketing strategy and implementation.

Good marketing strategy is the creation of a plan for a product or service that combines all the various components in a harmonious way that makes acceptance by the target audience very easy to understand and accept.

I don’t know about you, but I am not rushing out to find a restaurant serving fish and sauerkraut or heading out to meet my friends on the golf course with my clubs and a football. Neither am I going to interview a prospective client with a pencil and a laser printer. Congruency creates credibility while lack of congruency destroys any chance of easy acceptance.

Is what you are doing congruent with you personally, the organization, the prospective client and with itself?

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