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Geography Strategy

Cannon Advantage Service AreaCannon Advantage Service AreaCannon Advantage Service AreaAs is readily apparent from this website, there are all kinds of product marketing strategies, but the one I want to focus on today is the geography strategy. This strategy is employed by manufacturers and those that serve manufacturers especially when starting out and when transportation costs become a factor in the buying decision.

Automobile manufacturers utilize this strategy as demonstrated by localized dealerships. You can find a Ford or Chevy dealership in just about any community of 10,000 people or more as the time and money spent to travel to dealerships is a part of the buying decision in many cases.

Retailers do the same thing but many times for different reasons. Retailers like Walmart concentrate stores around distribution capabilities and advertising markets.

For many manufacturers early in their development, it makes great sense to utilize a geographic strategy to prove the viability of your product and service as a way to build a sales story for further expansion. Yuengling Beer comes from the oldest brewery in the country and for most of the companies history has only been sold in Pennsylvania. About a year ago Yuengling decided to expand into Ohio. At the time of the official start date for distribution, every beer retailer around had a huge display of Yuengling Beer. The company really didn’t have a hard time selling the beer. It was pre sold because of the long success enjoyed in Pennsylvania.

Utilizing a geography strategy can reduce transportation cost, advertising costs and sales costs. It can also enhance name recognition, ease Search Engine Optimization and make building credibility easier.

At Cannon Advantage, we utilize a geographic strategy focused on eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and western New York.


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