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Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing StrategiesInternet Marketing Strategies are an ever evolving world of opportunities that grow with every new advancement in technology. Prior to the early 1980’s, internet marketing was pretty much limited to listing items and prices on the internet. Sales were obviously very limited as were customers.

With the advent of WYSIWYG technology in the early to mid 1980’s that all changed. Better computers and graphics capable software made the internet a viable marketing platform. Aided by credit cards and small package delivery options, Internet Marketing Strategies followed the path established by catalog direct marketers to start. It was a matter of getting as many people as possible to see your offering and then tinkering with the offer to maximize conversions. Getting to the top of the search engines became a never ending challenge.

As the number of people searching the web grew and the number of people working to be found on the web did the same, various strategies emerged to accomplish the goal of building traffic and converting prospects. Google established the rules of the games as they built the algorithms that determine how websites get found on the search engines. When the algorithms change, so do the strategies.

Content was and continues to be a strategy that marketers use to build traffic. There are a variety of different subsets to this strategy that we will explore in a later post. Keywords is another area that continues to evolve as more and more websites strive to be found. Moving to the top of the searches demands ever more specific keywords. (Another strategy to be explored later.)  Long copy versus short copy are options to be considered based on your particular clientele. Video is another variation on the content theme that may work better for some companies than others. Alliances and cross marketing are used successfully by some. Social Media works for others.

The truth is that no one can do all of the strategies as there are more options than hours in the day. The goal should be to make sure that your endeavor has a web presence and that your internet marketing strategies make sense in light of your overall marketing strategy.

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