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Market Product and Build Brand

Marketing your product can take you to a level of success while building your brand at the same time can take you to a higher level of success. Barbara Corcoran from the above video is a real estate success story who has furthered her success and her brand with her participation in the TV show “Shark Tank.” This has allowed her to become partners with a number of entrepreneurs in a variety of products and increased her value as a brand.

As a marketer, we all strive to increase market share and earnings of our products. We also recognize that our products become much stronger when they have a easily recognized brand. Retailers love branded products as it makes their job of selling to the consumer that much easier. Brands bring power to our marketing efforts, but brands don’t just happen. A strong brand generally takes a long time to build and requires both time and money. Don’t think that just because you have a product that you also have a brand. And don’t think that you can create a brand without having proven products or services.

Frequently brands are built around a single product and then used to expand product offerings. For example, Ford is a powerful brand. Initially, Ford was the name of a car but over time, it became a brand and as you can see from the website markets a variety of products under the brand name.

Every marketer dreams of creating a brand, but it all begins with a great product marketing strategy.


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