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Mission Statement

Mission StatementAs you look at the various posts on this website, you will find discussions about all types of strategies, but the one thing that is the yard stick for all of these strategies is the mission statement for your business. The mission statement is the keystone of the business and all strategies and tactics must support the mission. If your mission is to make the world’s highest quality lawnmower and a really great new concept in dishwashers comes to your attention, you must reject this concept as outside your mission statement. To do otherwise would cause a diversion of resources and a loss of focus that would take the organization away from it’s mission and both endeavors will fail. That doesn’t mean that a separate business might not be initiated with a different mission statement in order to capitalize on the new concept.

While the example presented is pretty obvious, there may be opportunities where the manufacturing processes and marketing channels are so closely aligned with your present product offering that it might make sense to broaden the mission statement to include the new opportunity. This type of revision should not be undertaken lightly. Rather it should be looked at from all angles and pursued only if all parties agree and it will not diminish the existing mission.

The mission statement is like the curbs or white lines on the side of the road of business and meant to keep your business on course to it’s destination.

Does your mission statement drive your business or does it sit on a shelf gathering dust?

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