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Strategy is a Driver

StrategyProcter and Gamble has long been the focal point for marketers as the standard for product and market strategy. A recent article entitled, “Strategy Really Is Hard to Do” has shown another side of P & G as well as how strategy is a driver.

The article should be required reading for anyone involved with leading any effort. It clearly shows the importance of a concise, easy to understand direction. It is easy to remember. There is in great directions an element of expectation. It is easy for people to understand and implement. It is easily measurable and progress can easily be recognized. It is non threatening and something that everyone can get behind. This is the essence of leadership in a strategy statement. Once in place, it is easy to support and promote within the organization.

Great strategy has these characteristics: concise, easy to understand, easy to remember, has an element of expectation, is easy to implement, is easily measurable, is non threatening, every one can support and it is easy to promote.

What is your strategy? Have you made sure that incorporates all the elements that will help you and it succeed? Is it something that your organization can get behind and drive your business?

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