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Nov 17 2014

Things that go together

 Congruency is about things that go together like fish and chips, pencil and pad or  baseball and glove. Very few of us would order fish and sauerkraut. We wouldn’t grab our golf club and a football. Can you even imagine someone grabbing a pencil and a laser printer to make notes in a class. We all recognize things that go together and things that just don’t make sense together.

When things go together it is easy to accept them. When things don’t go well together it is much harder to accept those combinations.

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Product Life Cycle as a Map

Jul 04 2013

Product Life Cycle in Meadville, PADeveloping a great product marketing strategy without understanding the product life cycle is like playing darts in a dark room. The likelihood of hitting your target is not very good. There are so many variables to be considered in developing a successful strategy that a framework like the product life cycle can be a huge advantage.

The Product Marketing Strategy Today website covers all aspects of developing the marketing mix. There are both internal and external considerations and everything can vary depending upon the stage of the life cycle that the product, brand or company is undergoing. The “Get Smart, Get Focused, Get Results” model we use in all our marketing efforts begins with “Get Smart”. It is imperative that every marketer gather as much information as possible before undertaking any new marketing effort and then continue to gather information. Good product marketing strategy is like driving a car.

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