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The Unintended Strategy

Jun 06 2013

unintended consequence in Youngstown, OHOver the years, I have witnessed immeasurable damage done to products and companies because of unintended consequences or the unintended strategy. The story is always the same and begins with an inventor who develops a product or tool to make his life easier. After multiple attempts, our inventor finally develops one that actually works. His friends and neighbors see what the product does and want ones of their own. The inventor builds a few, sells them and builds a few more. Eventually he fills his car and starts traveling to other communities to sell his product to people their.

The business prospers and grows. A factory is built, people are hired. The business is providing a good living for the family. The company and the family continue to grow. Several generations later the ownership of the business is spread over a number of cousins, all with different goals and desires.

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