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Viral Strategy

Viral Strategy at Cannon AdvantageThe goal of many marketers today is to develop a viral strategy where the internet provides the vehicle to drive your product or service to incredible levels of success. The vial strategy is when a video about you and/or your product spread very rapidly.

Fellow speaker Judson Laipply built his whole career around, The Evolution of Dance. His video became the most watched video on the internet and by doing so, built his career. Judson has grown and expanded from the original product, but none of it would have been possible without his viral strategy success.

We now have the 13 biggest viral videos of 2013 from Fox News. In encourage you to look at least the first few minutes of each video. You will notice that several are for products and services while most of the others are to promote various singers. Either way, it is all about getting massive exposure at minimal cost to promote products or services. If you are like me, you will be amazed that some of these videos made it into the top videos of 2013 and should encourage you to consider your own viral strategy  for 2014.

Try your hand at the viral strategy. Create a video of 3 minutes or less and post it on Youtube. It could be the best marketing you can do for the coming year.

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